Why Finding Dory will be epic

Sequels generally lack the greatness of the original, but Finding Dory, which takes place after the events of the 2003 movie Finding Nemo, should be an exception to the rule. Here is why you should just keep swimming to the movie theater to see this blockbuster when it comes out next week.

Our favorite fish are returning to the big screen

After 13 years, Dory is back and at the center of attention and her own movie. Marlin and Nemo will also return, with a couple others like the turtles Crush and Squirt. From what we know, the plot centers around Dory’s search for her parents, a tough task given her apparent forgetfulness. She winds up in an aquarium in the United States and learns more about her past, meeting new sea creatures in the process. Sounds interesting to me.

The creators are Disney and Pixar, who have a track record of excellence

Viewers have come to expect nothing short of amazing from Disney Pixar movies, a list that includes Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, Up, Wall-E, the Incredibles and more. Both the storytelling and animation are sure to be superb and use the Pixar formula that has hit home with audiences time after time.

The animation is eye-opening

Every frame of the trailers is bright, beautiful animation. The underwater sequences are astonishing and the animators at Pixar have evolved tremendously from the original Finding Nemo. Judging from the trailers, this could be the most advanced animated film of all-time.

The trailers point to a family film full of laughs…

For one, the protagonist is now the amiable Dory. She is one of the funniest characters in the history of Disney movies and the situations and new environments that she finds herself will make for a very comical flick. The new cast of characters, including the clumsy octopus, Hank, and the seals.

But the underlying themes in the movie will be deep

Director Andrew Stanton, the mind behind the original Finding Nemo as well as Wall-E and Bug’s Life, will be sending audiences a message through his latest movie. From the trailers, it looks like environmental pollution could figure prominently into the plot and affect the characters, probably Dory. At any rate, this film will have something for both younger and adult audiences.


Where should we expect Finding Dory to fall with the other Pixar films. As a sequel, it probably won’t touch its original or classics Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Up, and the Incredibles, but it should be better than all the other sequels and a couple others. At its best, Finding Dory should be somewhere between Finding Nemo and Wall-E. That comparison equates to a must-watch movie that is a sure success.



finding dory

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