Super Bowl 50 Prediction

Super Bowl 50 has the potential to be a classic, a battle between a historic offense and historic defense. With Super Bowl XLVIII, a 43-8 drubbing of Denver, clear in our minds, a blowout is a possibility. I predict that the former will take place on Super Bowl Sunday and a close game will prove memorable and career-defining. But at the end, there will be one clear champion- Carolina.

Denver produced a shocking upset in the AFC title game, knocking off the New England Patriots 20-18. Von Miller and the Broncos’ defense pressured New England quarterback Tom Brady and the offense didn’t make mistakes.

That’ll have to happen again and I predict that the Broncos’ defense will prevent the Panthers from running away. But holding a superior Carolina offense, which, unlike the Patriots’ unit, is multi-dimensional, is a challenge that far exceeds any Denver has seen before. Carolina quarterback Cam Newton is a dangerous runner, but if the Broncos’ defense focuses on stopping the run, he can burn them downfield with his arm. Bronco quarterback Peyton Manning must stay turnover-free and put points on the board.

The majority of recent Super Bowls have been within a touchdown in the fourth quarter. The trend will continue in Super Bowl 50, but the Panthers will pull ahead in the last period. Cam Newton will put the Panthers up by double-digits with a long pass to Ted Ginn, Jr and a fumble recovery by linebacker Thomas Davis will seal the victory and the franchise’s first Super Bowl.

Prediction: Carolina Panthers 23, Denver Broncos 10

MVP: Cam Newton, Quarterback- 275 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown, 50 rushing yards

cam newton

One thought on “Super Bowl 50 Prediction

  1. Sorry the Panthers didn’t win but I was really happy for Paton Manning.

    I think the Panthers got ripped off in one of the plays but that’s football for you.



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