2 thoughts on “Riker Rant: 2016 Awards

  1. The only complaint I have (my rant, as it were) is that you didn’t select Dante’s Inferno as your Book of the Year. Now, you cleared the way to name it when you said it just had to be a book you read this year, not released this year (which it definitely wasn’t), so I was a little miffed when you gave Dante short shrift. Ah well. BBiB was definitely my close second. Btw, great use of the word “vivacious.”


  2. Hi John, Your Grandmother alerted me to your blogs. How Wonderful! You really put a lot of work into this project and seem to really love it. One comment- the year of the Olympics was 1936 In Berlin, Germany. I know that because my Dad was there rowing in the singles and he won a bronze medal. His name is mentioned in the book, when the Washington crew went below deck on the boat they were sailing to Germany, they said we met Dan H. Barrow Jr from PennAC rowing club in Phila. That was my Dad. Keep up the good work you are doing, this could be a career for you. Lots of love, Aunt Ellie


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